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Part 1…

…a night that started like any other, I was with friends, catching up after years of living on the West Coast. As the concert ended, everyone poured out into the parking lot. We planned to grab a nightcap nearby. Wait in the long line for a cab OR catch a ride with friends? I chose to ride with friends and hopped in the backseat…a choice that seemed so inconsequential became one that changed my life. 

A high-speed crash…blurred memories. I lied motionless, folded in half on my lap. My neck had snapped as we fishtailed out of control, severing my spinal cord and instantly paralyzing me.

Since that night Halloween in 2009, I have beenon a journey -that is not for the faint of heart. I have met people who believed in me, and some that didn’t. Most importantly, I’ve met people that inspired life back into me; people that gave me the courage to create what has become Bachik Methods. People that taught me to live and love through a new lens.

Meeting these people, learning from them, and sharing a vulnerability –gave me the confidence and community I desperately needed…then and now. The time shared with these people gave me a path forward.

Part 2… 

…Ryan was wrapping up an internship with Mizzou’s football team when I called looking for a trainer to lead my team at REACT. I needed someone that could take on the delicate challenge of caring for people overcoming traumatic conditions, while pushing them beyond what they believe is their limit. 

The transition from coaching collegiate athletes, to coaching people overcoming neurological trauma came naturally. Ryan had a way of opening people up, getting them to trust him and trust our process. As he poured focus into advancing his understanding of the nervous system, he found himself inspired by his clients. He was in awe of their grit, their willpower to fight. 

The individuals that Ryan has worked with over the past 8 years,and our bond as husband and wife gave him a path forward.

The physically broken and emotionally shattered lives that trust Ryan, as they defied the odds, fueled a commitment within him. He hopes to show the world what’s possible when you bridge strength and conditioning while harnessing the power or neuroplasticity. 

Today, as we bring Bachik Methods to life –Ryan and I are here, alongside you…rising to conquer your mountain, life goals and personal struggles.


our character, credibility & experience

Bachik Methods is a holistic system of training that addresses you –your unique abilities and needs –not your condition. We represent you rising to conquer your mountain.

Ryan and I are dedicated to changing the way people think aboutneurological injury and disease. We know the destruction and profound ways a neurological condition can take your body and mind…its US versus IT.

IT – Neurological injury and disease. A nasty and ugly diagnosis that robs you, depletes you and triesto break you.

US – You, Ryan, Me…the community we create. US is our courage and connection; an approach aimed at to rebuilding and restoring what was taken, your path forward.

In our fight against IT, we want our clients (and anyone following from afar), to be ok with sinking. Part of healing is sinking….and sinking again, if you need to. Sinking allows us to find ourselves and feel the pain. Because, whether we know what is next or not, after pain comes resurrection!

The triangle in our logo represents 2 things:

  • Growth: the triangle is angled up. Always up –never down. While growth is not constant, we continue to rise from the destructive path of NEURO…encompassing growth and transformation at every angle.
  • Strength: a triangle is the strongest geometric shape. NEURO is not for the faint of heart. You must be strong to rise in this battle. We are here to remind you of your strength and empower you to tap into that strength so you can be your best you!

Over the past 8 years, we have meticulously studied the nervous system.You do not have to go down without a fight, without a team that believes in you AND has the tools to do something about it. Bachik Methods was created to share our knowledge and resourceswith the world. Our commitment is personal!


our reason, logic, science

…Did you know nearly 1 in 50 people are living with paralysis in the US – that is 5.4 million people; a number nearly 40% higher than previous estimates showed!

And these are not strangers – these are our children, siblings, parents, friends and neighbors!! These are people in our community that
have been nearly written off, discarded as broken, and
deserve a better chance to live their best life!

Despite the prevalence, very little is being done to invest in long-term programs that provide access to quality adaptive fitness and wellness initiatives, supervised by knowledgeable trainers, in an
environment that is motivating and modern.

Incredible change happens when we take control of what we have power over instead of craving control over what we do not. As leaders of change, Bachik Methods strives to shine the light on the prevalence of paralysis and the lack of quality programs to serve this populations’ needs and desires. Collectively
we must put measures into action to ensure life with a disability does not translate to life with poor health.

We aim to scale our system of training to change the recovery potential for everyone battling these awful conditions.

Bachik Methods harnesses the incredible power of neuroplasticity while weaving concepts of strength and conditioning into an approach that improves functional capacity and quality of life, while reducing the secondary complications associated with complex injury and disease. Bachik Methods is highly innovative in our program design. We are DONE with the compensatory (adapt versus improve) mindset of training.

Built upon evidence-based modalities, Bachik Methods is a systematic approach
to Relax…. Connect… Create…. Reinforce…. and Lock your nervous system!! Science is cool!! The human body is resilient!! No matter your ability – your personhood and value are never in question!


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