With over 25,000 hours of nervous-system based training experience, Ryan will transform the way you view yourself and your recovery...or journey - or whatever you may call this for yourself!


I get asked almost daily by my clients from other states and countries “How do I get you back to where I live?” 

Well the time is NOW!! Bachik Methods has grown to stand-out amongst competitors because we are raw and real. We are changing the way people view recovery and restoring hope one person at a time. Bachik Methods addresses the human, not their condition.  

My wife and I both live with life-long neurological conditions, which motivates me to constantly study and seek opportunities to learn and grow, never settling. I have put together a 3-day intensive workshop sharing my life’s work. 

This workshop will reshape the way you view rehab and your body, opening a new door for your body’s potential. We will dive deep into my training pillars with white board discussions in a classroom setting followed by hands-on demos with attendees, addressing specific conditions and how to implement each pillar. 

My goal is to help extend our network abroad, reaching more families across the world – bringing us together under a shared training system and mindset. At Bachik Methods it all starts with family.


I will be adding a few extra days to my stay for a special learning opportunity where you can pick my brain on specific questions while working in an intimate setting. 

These single-day sessions will allow individuals 6 hours of focused application of the Bachik Methods training system on your body. Sessions are for anyone in the area whether you attend the workshop or not – and are strictly for those living with a neurological condition. 

There are limited spaces available so that I can spend the full day focused on each applicant’s specific needs. I will determine how the nervous system is compensating, demonstrate neural reset techniques, teach how each pillar of our training system applies to your specific body, and how to progress your training over time. 

Loved ones and family are welcome to watch, learn, video, ask questions and get involved. I want to make sure you feel confident and ready to own your recovery. 

I can promise you these private sessions will leave a lasting impression on all who participate!

3-Day Live Workshop

There is no cost to register!

Click here and complete our online Workshop Registration form to give our team a better understanding of you and your goals for the event.

Please give us 24-48 hours to follow up with you upon receiving your registration.

Private Training Sessions

Following the Workshop, Ryan is sticking around for a few days to work 1-1 with individuals.

We can only accept a small number of applicants for these private one-day, 6-hour training sessions,

Apply now to reserve your spot!

Virtual Training & Home Programs

Did you know we have a dedicated trainer for virtual clients?!

Progress is possible from anywhere and we have a system that works!

Did you also know we have an app to offer custom home programs? Why not train from home while having an app to keep you going between sessions?

30% off when you BUNDLE!
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We get asked all the time what “basic necessities” are needed at home to continue training…
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