How to get “un-stuck” and find clarity through a framework that prioritizes the nervous system and our body’s response to trauma - without overcomplicating matter where you are training...

Why attend?

What if the foundations on which you’ve built your training are in conflict with how the body responds to stress and what the body needs to function more fully?


And what if the approach your body craves can be simplified into a 5-tiered system of training with a clear starting point and techniques that create lasting change?


Would you be willing to not just think beyond the traditional approach, but to fully embody a system that strengthens the relationship between yourself and your health?

for us, This isn't just work this is personal

Once upon a time, we Were exactly where you are...

live raw

My wife and I both live with life-long neurological conditions, and both of us were told not to hope for much – to accept things as is and learn to move forward…


…but this mindset doesn’t resonate with us – and our guess is it DOESN’T sit well with you either?!! Living raw is where pure potential is forged, and we’re here to take you to a place where you will endure the full spectrum of emotions because real and complete strength is only developed through the survival of hardships.


We’ve spent over 50,000 hours in a cycle of study, iterate, and embody…to create a system of training that calms the body, shifts the nervous system, and opens the door for meaningful change. 


And we want to share everything we’ve learned with you so that you can stop wondering if you’re on the right track and start putting in the work!


UK: Nov 10-11
Belgium: Nov 17-18
Training Sessions

UK: Nov 1-9
Training Sessions

Belgium: Nov 14-16
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We are online!

Everyone can be part of this conference – we’re going virtual! And we will be streaming it from Los Angeles’ grand hall. Buy your tickets today and connect.

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