Get "un-stuck" and find clarity

through a framework that prioritizes the nervous system & our body's response to trauma

What if the foundation on which you’ve built your training is in conflict with how the body responds to stress – and what the body needs to function more fully?


AND – What if the approach your body craves can be explained using a 5-tiered system of training…with a clear starting point and techniques that create lasting change?


Would you be willing to not just think beyond the traditional approach, but fully embody a system that strengthens your relationship between self & health?!

Our goal is to


the way you view


Bachik Methods is changing the way people view recovery and restoring hope – one person at a time – by addressing the human, not their condition.

We polled our clients and asked them to describe their transformation. The overwhelming majority say they went from feeling lost and depressed to having a stronger connection to their body, a newfound sense of strength and self-worth, and improved function & independence!

This isn't just work
this is personal

Once upon a time, we were exactly where you are...

My wife and I both live with life-long neurological conditions, and both of us were told not to hope for much – to accept things as is and learn to move forward…


…but this mindset doesn’t resonate with us – and our guess is it DOESN’T sit well with you either?!! 

Living raw is where pure potential is forged, and we’re here to take you to a place where you will endure the full spectrum of emotions because real and complete strength is only developed through the survival of hardships.


We’ve spent over 50,000 hours in a cycle of study, iterate, and embody…to create a system of training that calms the body, shifts the nervous system, and opens the door for meaningful change. 


And we want to share everything we’ve learned with you so that you can stop wondering if you’re on the right track and start putting in the work!

Join us for a 2-day experience

That will change you

  • 8 + hours/day of hands-on expertise and application with Ryan Bachik and Crystal Moses, who together have 19 years’ experience doing this type of work.
  • A deep understanding of Bachik Methods philosophy and framework – giving you confidence and clarity in how you can restore balance in the nervous system, allowing for massive changes to occur in the body and mind.
  • A practical approach with clear steps so you know how to structure and progress your training.
  • Access to our Bachik Methods Alpha Network – a private Facebook group where our trainers and clients share ideas, exercises, resources, and more…so you never feel alone, isolated and unsupported in your journey.
  • A very personalized and individualized experience so that you leave feeling heard and understand what YOUR next steps are, unlike so many other “rinse & repeat” programs.


Have you had your eye on us? 

…following along and finding inspiration from afar? Well guys and gals, its time to meet in person because WE ARE HEADED TO EUROPE!

Bachik Methods has grown to stand-out amongst competitors because we are raw and real. Don’t miss our team and this rare opportunity to work with us.

We are coming to the UK and Belgium to see YOU – to extend our network abroad and connect with more families and trainers across the world, bringing us together under a shared framework and mindset.

Will you join our WORKSHOP

Reserve an exclusive SEMI-PRIVATE training session?

OR – Fully immerse yourself in the Bachik Methods experience, registering for BOTH?

Apply to train 1-1 with

Ryan Bachik

We are rolling out all the stops on this trip…and offering something we’ve never done before.

Have you even wanted to sit, personally pick our brains, and then get to work demonstrating how our minds work in real time?!


These single-day sessions will offer individuals, living with neuro conditions, 6-hours of focused application of the Bachik Methods training system on your body. Sessions are for anyone in the area whether you attend the workshop or not. 

There are limited sessions available – so that Ryan can spend the full day focused on each individual’s specific needs. He’ll determine how the nervous system is compensating, demonstrate neural reset techniques, teach how each pillar of our training system applies to your specific body, and share a framework for where to take your training over time. 

Loved ones and family are welcome to watch, learn, video, ask questions and get involved. We want to make sure you feel confident and ready to own your recovery. 

Sound like something you'd like to try?

Did you who else is comin...

Crystal moses

We can only afford to have our Queen Bee “out-of-office” for the UK portion of our trip… making the experience even more unique.

The incredible talent that Ryan & Crystal bring is HOT!!

AND, not only is Crystal here for the workshop, she is taking her own Semi-Private sessions too. 

Her expertise compliments and offsets Ryans, adding layers and enriching the experience.  Crystal brings a warmth and holistic touch that only a woman can embody.  She takes a slightly different route to “accessing” the nervous system via our visual, vestibular and proprioception subsystems. Not only does Crystal have nearly 15,000 hours of hands-on neuro experience herself, but as a massage therapist she uniquely blends bodywork and fascial work to bring her clients greater outcomes with a healing touch.

A 2-day experience that will change you! Designed for anyone living with a neuro condition AND professionals working in the neuro rehab/training space - Join us and gain new perspective. Leave feeling confident, having a deep understanding of a philosophy and framework that restore balance in the nervous system, allowing for lasting change!
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SEMI-PRIVATE: Neuro Injuries
What if the foundation on which you've been training are in conflict with how your body responds to stress - and what it needs to function more fully? The approach your body craves can be simplified into a 5-tiered system of training with a clear starting point and techniques that create lasting change
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Semi-Private: Neuro Professionals
What if you could finally take ALL the overwhelm out of neuro programming? Its time to stop throwing exercises at the clients to see what sticks!! Apply today - and work intimately with Bachik Method to understand how to interrupt stress patterns, remove mental and emotional blocks, set the stage for neuroplasticity, and inspire confidence and self-motivation in your clients!
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Tough but Loving, Fearless but Cautious, Innovating and Inspiring.

Bachik Methods helped me achieve confidence in everything I do...

You guys offer the whole package. It's not just the Method, the deliver is "spot on".

We can't wait to meet you!

We don't come into any experience with the intent to "get-in, and get-out"

We want to connect and get personal

Whether you have a neurological condition yourself - OR you work with neuro clients, this workshop is for you!


When you interrupt dysfunctional patterns and reset the brain's communication with the body - great work can begin. 

We have put together a 2-day intensive WORKSHOP sharing our live's work.  In a group setting, we'll blend whiteboard/classroom style discussions with hand-on demos, addressing specific neuro conditions and how to implement Bachik Methods training system. 


Topics covered will include:

  • Bachik Methods 5 pillars of training
  • Techniques for interrupting stress patterns and removing mental/emotional blocks
  • Neuroplasticity and how to activate the proper "chemical cocktail" to allow for change to occur
  • Fascial lines and how they play a role in recovery 
  • Developmental movement patterns and their importance in neuro rehab
  • How the CNS perceives and responds to sensory stimulation
  • Strategies for motor learning
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The WORKSHOP is designed for a group. You'll receive our Bachik Methods manual that outlines the 6 Building Blocks and 5 Pillars of Training that are the framework of our training system.  We'll make sure to cover specific topics while also allowing for "tangent" discussions that arise among the group in real-time.  The WORKSHOP is equal parts educational and interactive. 


Our PRIVATE SESSIONS on the other hand, are 100% customized to YOU.  The entire training experience is personalized to YOU, allowing time to focus on specific areas of concern, and/or specific goals. 

Because the experience is 100% customized, you can sign up for these 1-1 private training sessions as a physio, as someone living with a neuro condition, or both - an individual living with a neuro condition AND their trainer/physio.  


These single-day sessions allow for focused application of Bachik Methods in an intimate setting, so we can focus specifically on YOU!

Yes - and we recommend this


Imagine working 1-1 with Ryan or Crystal in a PRIVATE setting...peeling back all the layers to the onion with a hyper-focus on your specific needs...and then you follow that with a WORKSHOP that reinforces the specific pillars of our training system (with a manual to refer back to) so you leave ready to OWN YOUR JOURNEY!

Download our Equipment Wishlist to start building strength & independence at home

We get asked all the time what “basic necessities” are needed at home to continue training…
and now you will be in the know!