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This 90-minute massage incorporates different advanced manual techniques that allow for optimal recovery and function of the body. Techniques such as Swedish, trigger point, myofascial release, and body tempering are utilized within the session. This massage is unique and allows the body to move efficiently and promote recovery by reducing adhesions and tension within the muscle and connective tissue.

This 90-minute relaxation massage that includes Swedish techniques, stretching and aromatherapy to melt away your stress. This type of massage allows clients to relax their nervous system and decrease any muscle tension. This type of massage uses different creams and oils while incorporating a variety of pressure and Swedish strokes.

Add-ons! You can add either of these services to any style of massage:

Cupping Add On

Cupping is a form of massage that provides negative pressure to allow any type of adhesion within the body to pull and lift off nearby tissue. Cupping facilitates blood flow to the surface of the body to allow proper blood circulation. During the massage, the cups will be static and then glide around the body to create flows of release within the tissue.

Hot Stone Add On

Hot stones allow for ultimate relaxation of the body and are used during the massage by gliding onto the body and then left on areas that are needing an increase in blood flow. If you have impaired sensation, cannot feel temperature, or have any type of medical metal implants, or pacemakers, this add on may be a medical contraindication and will need additional discussion prior to booking.


Nutritional Coaching

A package of two 60-minute Nutritional Coaching sessions.  During your initial session you meet with Logan (in person or via zoom, whichever you prefer) to dive into lifestyle and behaviors pertaining to nutrition.  Logan will then educate you on the best approach for developing a personalized nutrition plan by building optimal habits for your specified goals.  Two weeks into your plan, you will meet again for the 2nd session, where together, you will reassess efficacy and progress to create lasting lifestyle changes.  Logan’s experience as a trainer on our Bachik Methods team allows him a unique advantage in customizing nutrition advice around goals specific to neurological injury and disease. 

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Meet Crystal Moses

Crystal graduated from Texas Woman’s University with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology. During her last semester of college, she completed a 350-hour internship program at REACT, the nonprofit arm of Bachik Methods. Crystal is currently one of the team’s veteran trainers and helps bring in students from local high schools and universities to provide our next generation of coaches and therapists the opportunity to gain a unique experience in cutting-edge neuro-restorative therapies.

Crystal is also a licensed massage therapist, giving clients a comprehensive healing opportunity for improved functional capacity coupled by decreased pain through the power of bodywork and exercise. She strives to be THE health professional one chooses in the DFW area to help facilitate their recovery to move and feel better.


  • Licensed Massage Therapist
  • NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
  • Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist
  • Functional Range Assessment Specialist
  • Reflexive Performance Reset (Level One)


Meet Logan Ferguson

Logan has worked for over a decade helping clients change, not just their bodies, but their perception of typical training & nutrition. Logan’s specialties encompass advanced nutrition & recovery techniques alongside personal Lifestyle Coaching. His mission is to help people become empowered with knowledge to take ownership of their health and make meaningful change.

Using the Trans-Theoretical Model of Change as a starting point for holistic lifestyle coaching, Logan understands that the client is the expert of their own life. The purpose of axiom Focus/Food/Function is to incorporate the most definitive aspects of health in a manner that creates comfortable, lasting change; to work at the level that is most conducive to the individual’s current lifestyle.



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