Bachik Methods

Neuro Conditioning

Neurological injury and disease force the body into a state of “fight or flight”, creating implosion, tone, spasticity and poor compensation patterns that get in the way of recovery and performance. The Bachik Methods training system addresses the physical, mental and emotional trauma of these conditions through principles of neuro-developmental plasticity and strength & conditioning. We strive to decrease the dysfunction that inhibits recovery while empowering the body and mind to improve mobility and independence.

Why Bachik methods?

Our progressive style of training is built upon the idea that the nervous system can reorganize and repair; that our CNS is plastic and under the appropriate conditions, remaining neurons are capable of a remarkable array of responses. Not only will you gain unique knowledge and expertise about your recovery and how your nervous system responds to specific feedback, your mindset and confidence in navigating a long-term health and wellness plan for improved mobility will leave you feeling more empowered.

Each training session will follow our order of operations: Activate, Connect, Create, Reinforce. As we take you through the phases of recovery, we will teach you the “why” behind each exercise. Courage and connection are what bring us together and we hope your experience with us offers you a revitalized path forward!

work with us


Exclusive access as a member, at a flat rate
  • State of the art equipment
  • Weekly curated exercise programs
  • Multiple access tiers for flexible pricing

3 Month Fellowship

An immersive virtual group mentoring program
  • Identify where you are in your recovery
  • Build a plan to progress toward specific goals
  • Have a trusted group to hold you accountable


  • How neuroplasticity contributes to your recovery
  • Our view on tone and spasms
  • Typical phases the body goes through during neuro-recovery
  • Importance of physical and emotional recovery
  • How the nervous system perceives and reacts to sensory stimulation
  • Closed chain training and exercises
  • Developmental movement patterns and their importance in your recovery

our goals


Connecting the Body & Mind for greater potential


The catalyst that transforms ideas into action


Elevating your body out of dysfunction to maximize performance


Empowering individuals to be the ALPHA in their recovery


Evidence-based therapies that harness the power of neuroplasticity


Combining neuroscience with elite training concepts to achieve the unthinkable


Taking ownership of your self and health


Lighting the path on your journey by seeing you, not your condition


Embrace the pain, for that is where you’ll find your strength

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